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  • Drying is the process of removing liquids from solids by evaporation.
  • Spray Drying is a method of producing dry powder from liquid or slurry by rapidly drying with hot gas.
  • One of the advantages of spray drying is the consistent particle size and moisture content.
  • Spray Dryers are widely used in pharmaceutical and food industry.
  • Tavron Spray Dryers are available in Capacity from 5 Kg / Hr to 1500 Kg/Hr Water Evaporation.
  • They are available with Rotary Atomizer, Nozzle and Two fluid system.
  • Material of construction SS 304 / SS 316.
  • Second stage drying with Vibro Fluid Bed Dryer is available for thermal sensitive materials.
  • Three Stage Drying with Stationery Fluid Bed and Vibro fluid bed can be provided.
  • Available with the hot air producing system of steam, Direct or Indirect oil fired, Thermic fluid etc.
  • Closed Loop Dryer is available on request for special application.
  • Complete Auto control.
  • Available with PLC and SCADA control.


  • Powder Quality remains constant throughout the production.
  • They can be used for both heat resistant and heat sensitive.
  • They can be designed at various size as per customer requirement.
  • Product density and moisture content can be controlled.
  • Varying Feed rates can be used.
  • Designed in complete Automatic Controlled with PLC and SCADA.


Some of the applications of spray dryer in various industries
  • Dairy Industries for milk powder, whey powder.
  • Coffee and Tea Powders.
  • Fruit Pulps, Juices and Pastes.
  • Pharmaceutical Products like Algae Powder, Penicillin etc.


  • Can be designed with Single / Multi Cyclone.
  • For Efficient separation conveying air and product.
  • Made out of SS 304 / SS 316 / Carbon steel.
  • Additional Wet Scrubber and Bag filters are available to meet the local pollution standard.


  • Capacity from 2 to 25 Kg / Hr Water Evaporation.
  • Highly suitable for R&D and Education institution.
  • Heating with Electrical Heater with other heating on option.
  • Complete Auto control.
  • Available with PLC control.


  • Material of construction SS 304 / SS 316.
  • Well-designed Coni form hole bed sheet
  • Supported on spring loaded SS / MS legs.
  • Easy removal for the Inspection of the product.