Plate Heat Exchanger System

  • HTST Pasteurizer for Milk, Juice and other liquid product.
  • Cap from 50 LPH30,000 LPH.
  • Version Available with Manual/Automatic.
  • Skid mounted / Floor Mounted.

HTST Milk Pasteurizer

  • Glue Free Gasket.
  • Hygienic Plates.
  • CIP Cleanable.
  • Plates are of 55 304/ 55 316.
  • Gasket are of NBR/EPDM.

Battery Of Plate Heat Exchanger

  • The Plate heat exchanger can be used in the all the fluid.
  • Wide Gap plates are available for the suspended solid product.
  • The Frame is available in SS Clad and Carbon steel.
  • The Plates are from SS304 / SS 316 / Titanium / and other alloy material on request.
  • Plates are available from 0.04 area to 0.8
  • Other sizes are on request are available.

Wide Usage Of Plate Heat Exchanger

  • All the Food Industry looking for Inline heating and cooling.
  • Various Advantages like low approach temperature and Holdup volume.
  • Excellent Heat transfer Co-efficient.
  • Highly suitable for Milk, Ice cream mix and other similar character product.

CIP System

  • Suitable to Dairy / Beverage Industries.
  • Automatic and Semi automatic.
  • Single circuit to multi circuit.
  • SS 316 construction.
  • Reputed make valves.
  • PLC with SCADA system.
  • SKID Mounted.
  • User friendly.
  • Highly Efficient.

Battery of PHE with Carbon and Steel Frame

  • Semi welded Plate heat Exchanger for Condensing and Evaporating of Refrigerant.
  • Pair of Plates will be Laser welded and the channel gasket has been avoided.
  • Less Refrigerant requirement due to less hold up volume.
  • Laser welded in the Refrigerant side so handling of refrigerant is easy.

Various Sizes Of Plates

  • Various Sizes of Plates.
  • Various Material of Plates.
  • Various Gaskets of Plates.
  • Various Applications.

Various Plate Combination

  • High Theta Plate with High Heat transfer and High Pressure Drop.
  • Low Theta Plate with Low heat transfer and Low pressure drop.

Process Plant

  • Both semi automatic and automatic.
  • PAD and PLC control.
  • SCADA operated plant.
  • Both SS 304 / SS 316 construction.
  • SKID mounted on optional.

Ice Cream Plant

  • Cap 500 LPD 1,00,000 mix.
  • Automatic and Batch Process.
  • Continuous Freezer 100 LPH to 400 LPH.
  • Plant Installed on skid.
  • Both SS 304/SS 316 construction.
  • Hygienic Design.
  • Complete CIP cleanable.

Instrument and Control

  • PLC of reputed milk.
  • SCADA System.
  • Complete process automation.

Milk Heating Skid

  • Various Capacities from 250 LPH onwards.
  • Application like Juice Heating & Milk Heating.
  • Auto steam control.
  • PID Control and PLC Control.
  • Complete Assembly on Skid.
  • SS 304/SS 316 construction.